Probity & Ethics Courses for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Psychologist, Physiotherapists and other Health And Care Professionals

Build Insight, Reflection, and Remediation

If you are facing a complaint or investigation in your department or with GMC/GDC/NMC/GPhC/GOsC/GCC/HCPC or another regulatory body

Improve knowledge and understanding of probity and ethics and the expected professional and ethical standards and learn what to do if a breach happens. Avoid situations of misconduct and fitness to practice.

Ethics, Probity, Professionalism courses – Face to face & Online courses

Probity and Ethics is registered with the CPD UK.

You will receive a Recognised CPD certificate at the end of the courses.

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    • LO
      I just wanted to inform you that following attending this course in July and facing my…. Hearing in December, I am now fully restored to the Register ….without any restrictions. I want to express my profound gratitude for your help and support from the course to make this possible.
    • Dr MB
      I feel very confident about my own case now and look forward to reflecting on this course in great detail. I now feel more confident about insight and how to show complete insight to the tribunal panel. I think this course would also benefit people who are NOT part of GMC investigations because it is a good recap of ethics, probity and Good Medical Practice, which all doctors of all grades would benefit from, especially as part of revalidation/appraisals. Thanks again.
      Dr MB
    • AS
      ..the course was excellent….thoroughly explained why probity is important and we had frank discussions about the mistakes that I had made and why they were dangerous to my patients. He also advised me on how I could present myself and improve the chances of having my license restored ... I am truly grateful for this course and it was worth every penny that it cost.
    • KT
      I feel more confident to prepare for my panel. I feel that I can provide a better reflections of my case
    • LO, Pharmacist
      I am extremely grateful for the course as it has immensely enabled me in gaining improved understanding of insight and remediation towards completing my portfolio. I wish I had attended this prior to my initial Fitness Hearing as it would have made all the difference.
      LO, Pharmacist
    • Dr AM
      Best course I have ever done
      Dr AM
    • Dr HP
      Excellent. Please continue. Very interactive, gave chance to ask questions. Very well presented.
      Dr HP
    • Dr HH
      Excellent course and delivery. Would recommend
      Dr HH
    • Nurse AO
      The course was very relevant to my case and I recommend it to anybody who has a dishonesty query.
      Nurse AO
    • Dr SS
      Very helpful course. Appreciate the meaningful way you designed it. Many thanks for showing light into my way. Thank you
      Dr SS