Probity and Ethics Courses for doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and other health and care professionals

Build Insight, Reflection and Remediation

if facing a complaint or investigation in your department or with GMC/GDC/NMC/GPhC/HCPC or other regulatory body

Improve knowledge and understanding of probity and ethics and the expected professional and ethical standards and learn what to do if a breach happens. Avoid situation of misconduct and fitness to practice.

Ethics, Probity, Professionalism courses – Face to face & Online courses

Probity and Ethics is registered with the CPD UK.

You will receive a Recognised CPD certificate at the end of the courses.

We, the Probity and Ethics, are registered with and a member of the CPD UK which is the leading CPD accreditation organisation in the UK.

We specialise in providing focused courses on Probity and  Ethics for doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and other clinicians. The clinicians attend our courses for either professional development or appraisal / re-validation purposes, or are facing investigation or proceedings with the GMC, GDC, NMC, GPhC or the MPTS or any other regulatory bodies.

The courses are conducted by facilitator who has many years’ experience working in the NHS and private health sector and is well aware of the processes of the GMC investigation and the MPTS.


  • Dr SS
    Very helpful course. Appreciate the meaningful way you designed it. Many thanks for showing light into my way. Thank you
    Dr SS
  • Nurse AO
    The course was very relevant to my case and I recommend it to anybody who has a dishonesty query.
    Nurse AO
  • Dr HH
    Excellent course and delivery. Would recommend
    Dr HH
  • Dr HP
    Excellent. Please continue. Very interactive, gave chance to ask questions. Very well presented.
    Dr HP
  • Dr AM
    Best course I have ever done
    Dr AM
  • LO, Pharmacist
    I am extremely grateful for the course as it has immensely enabled me in gaining improved understanding of insight and remediation towards completing my portfolio. I wish I had attended this prior to my initial Fitness Hearing as it would have made all the difference.
    LO, Pharmacist
  • Dr BM
    Brilliant course ….. we were all made to feel welcome. We were not judged, and all felt comfortable discussing our own cases. I feel very confident about my own case now and look forward to reflecting on this course in great detail. I now feel more confident about insight and how to show complete insight to the tribunal panel. I think this course would also benefit people who are not part of GMC investigations because it is a good recap of ethics, probity and Good Medical Practice, which all doctors of all grades would benefit from, especially as part of revalidation/appraisals. Thanks again.
    Dr BM